Partnership is more than a business!

After our mind it is also very important for your own success, to have strong and trusting partners. We work together with some of the strongest breeders in business around the World.

ABBA - American Brahman Breeders Association

ABBA -Australian Brahman Breeders Association

Claire & David Andrews, Canada

Roxanne & Andrew Olive, Australia

JD Hudgins Inc., USA

Dinah Weil, USA

Göpel Genetik, Germany

Clinton & Trevor Geddes, Australia

Marinus van Jaarsveld, South Africa

Brushy Creek Custom Sires, USA

Rocky Repro, Australia

Jim Pola, Australia

Tony & Will Fenech, Australia 

Brett McCamley, Australia

Hauck/Opitz GbR, HO Maine Anjous, Germany

Sandy & Gary Graham, Canada

Canadian Maine Anjou Association, Canada 

Martin Peter Jung, Germany
First purebred Brahmousin breeder in Germany and Europe.

Brett Nobbs, Australia